No one should be alone

We advocate for and deliver meaningful and effective access to justice and freedom for immigrants at risk of detention or deportation.

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We are building the unbuilt

Acacia actively builds, strengthens, and expands immigrant legal defense programs for adults and children nationwide. People face the potential loss of family, liberty and property during detention and deportation. We want to ensure no one faces these threats alone.

Equality for all

We envision a future where every person facing deportation has access to high-quality holistic legal services. Our vision is to empower every individual with a community-based support network that accompanies them throughout all stages of their case, fostering healing and thriving.

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What guides us

We ground our values in the shared humanity and the ongoing pursuit of justice and equity.


All immigrants deserve to be supported at every stage of their immigration proceedings regardless of their personal story.

Racial Justice

Reduce the harmful effects of the linked and racially biased criminal legal and deportation systems by promoting fair outcomes.


No one should be subjected to state-sanctioned violence either in their home countries or countries where they seek refuge.


All immigrants deserve to await the resolution of their immigration case in their communities and have the freedom to provide for themselves and their families.


Legal services actively address clients’ multidimensional needs as defined by the client, rooted in principles of racial justice, gender equity, and accountability.


All immigrants deserve the highest-quality legal defense. The more systemic dehumanization an immigrant faces, the harder legal defense must fight back.

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Who we are

Program teams include former immigration attorneys and public defenders, social workers, researchers, and policy advocates who work together to build infrastructure and political will.

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