Acacia Center for Justice Joins 192 Organizations Calling on Biden to Oppose Latest Efforts by Congress to Further Limit Asylum

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 13, 2023

CONTACT: Madison Allman |

[WASHINGTON] – On November 9, 2023, the Acacia Center for Justice and nearly 200 civil, human rights, and immigrant rights organizations delivered a letter to President Biden urging his administration to oppose Congressional proposals to impose additional limits on the asylum system.


The letter states: “These proposals, including statutory changes to asylum law and major funding expansions to detain and rapidly remove people seeking asylum, would lead to violations of international law, and would violate your campaign commitment to restore the asylum system after the prior administration decimated it. Most importantly, if these proposals are implemented, more people who have no choice but to flee for their lives will be sent back to once again face persecution and harm. Some will die. The harm will fall disproportionately on Black, Brown and Indigenous refugees who are already marginalized globally.”

Shaina Aber, Executive Director of the Acacia Center for Justice, added:
“For years, the legal right to asylum in the United States has been under attack by extremist politicians who aim to sow division and discord in our communities. The latest threats to limit our asylum system would cause great harm to people fleeing targeted violence and persecution and impede due process protections that allow them to seek justice and safety. President Biden must oppose these proposals and instead refocus his efforts on restoring access to asylum and ensuring that those seeking refuge are met with dignity.”



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