Acacia Center for Justice Commemorates World Refugee Day, Calls for Increased Protections for People Seeking Safety


CONTACT: Madison Allman|


[WASHINGTON] – Shaina Aber, executive director of the Acacia Center for Justice, issued the following statement in commemoration of World Refugee Day:

“All people, regardless of where they are from, what language they speak, who they love, how they worship, their national origin, or the color of their skin, deserve the right to seek safety from persecution. More than 70 years ago, following the humanitarian tragedy and aftermath of World War II, the United Nations recognized the need for international protocols to protect people fleeing persecution, torture and targeted violence and established laws that outline and safeguard their rights. For decades, civil rights and human rights leaders and advocates have worked tirelessly to uphold these protections and improve due process in the face of efforts by those who seek to restrict the rights of people seeking refuge and erode the rule of law as enshrined in the 1980 Refugee Act and the Refugee Convention to which the United States is a signatory.

“This year, as we observe World Refugee Day and the immeasurable contributions and resilience of refugees in our communities, we urge the Biden administration and Congress to reject harmful and unjust policies – like the recent asylum bars, quotas and ban – that undermine the legal rights of people seeking protection and strip them of their humanity. Instead, our leaders must work together to enact policies that welcome people seeking safety with compassion and dignity.”


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