Acacia Denounces Texas’ Latest Anti-Immigrant Legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2023

CONTACT: Madison Allman |

[WASHINGTON] – Shaina Aber, Executive Director of the Acacia Center for Justice, released the following statement in response to the Texas House passage of SB4. This new bill, passed after a series of special legislative sessions, would empower law enforcement to carry out state-sanctioned racial profiling, and severely limit protections for immigrant communities in Texas:


“This stunt by anti-immigrant politicians in Texas is the latest effort to reach around federal protections and undermine the right to due process for immigrants who come to this country seeking safety and justice.

“Not only is this bill unconstitutional, the provisions that further empower law enforcement officials to discriminate against people of color set a dangerous precedent that will disproportionately harm Black and brown migrants, creating a culture of fear and mistrust that will make entire communities less safe.

“We urge the Biden administration to take immediate action to challenge this in the courts. Ultimately, however, President Biden and Congress must finally transform our immigration system to reflect our nation’s commitments to inclusive, free, and safe communities.”



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