Acacia Center for Justice Joins 202 Organizations Calling on Biden to Halt Use and Defense of Asylum Ban Policy


CONTACT: Bilal Askaryar |


[WASHINGTON] Today, the Acacia Center for Justice and 202 civil, human rights, and immigrant rights organizations delivered a letter to President Biden urging his administration to accept a federal court’s decision striking down the administration’s draconian asylum restrictions known as the Asylum Ban. 


The letter states: “Your administration’s continued fight to uphold this unlawful ban on appeal flies in the face of the values and promises you held high when defending the right to seek asylum on the campaign trail. We call on you to adjust course, comply with the federal court order, and immediately end this policy. Every day the asylum ban remains intact, it inflicts immeasurable harm on people in urgent need of protection.”


Shaina Aber, Executive Director of the Acacia Center for Justice, added: “Acacia and our community of legal providers receive federal funding to support the access to justice for immigrants and people seeking asylum in the United States. In this vein, we highlight that equal justice means an equal chance to seek asylum under our nation’s laws. President Biden’s asylum ban arbitrarily returned asylum-seeking refugees to danger based on their mode of transport or ability to use a smartphone app. President Biden should respect the federal court’s decision and halt the use of this deadly ban immediately.”



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