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The immigration system is designed to keep unaccompanied immigrant kids out of the country, denying their legal and human rights. Without guaranteed representation, they are forced to defend their case to stay in the U.S. all alone—no matter how young they are. It will be a long road to fix the courts. In the meantime, we’re recruiting and training lawyers just like you to bridge this inhumane gap in justice.

Why we need lawyers like you:


There are currently 258,000 unaccompanied children with pending immigration cases.


With legal representation, unaccompanied kids are 7x more likely to receive an outcome to remain in the United States than those without an attorney.

1 in 78

To achieve universal representation, every free or low cost immigration lawyer in America would need to represent 78 children each.

Alice Lima Lovchik

Alice Lima Lovchik,

former personal injury lawyer

As an immigrant myself, I wanted to represent immigrants in removal proceedings and help them navigate the complexity of the U.S. immigration system. I work with children detained in ORR custody and it is rewarding to ensure that they are not alone when facing removal proceedings.

Jim Milstein,

former public defender

As a public defender, I was always frustrated to meet adults who would have been granted immigration relief as a minor if they had been able to find a lawyer. I find working with unaccompanied children allows me to continue to appear in state courts in which I am most experienced.

Alexa Sendukas,

former litigation associate

I enjoy representing unaccompanied children because they deserve an advocate who will fight for them and help them navigate the incredibly challenging immigration system. Now I get the opportunity to support these youth with so much potential as they create bright futures.

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