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Acacia Center for Justice Categorically Opposes Jailing Families

[Washington, D.C.] Acacia Center for Justice expresses its deep disappointment and frustration with reports that the Biden Administration is considering reinstatement of the illegal and unjust policy of jailing immigrant families. Acacia categorically opposes jailing immigrant families under any circumstances.

“Families uproot their lives and undertake often dangerous migration journeys because their well-being at home is in jeopardy. These families are doing what any family would do in the same situation – seeking safety and shelter for their children. They have no other options. Congress has repeatedly failed to develop safe pathways to welcome migrant families with dignity and compassion. The Biden Administration’s apparent decision to reinstate family detention is a betrayal of our values and of President Biden’s promises on the campaign trail. This flawed decision, if taken, would permanently tarnish the Biden Administration’s already troubling record on immigrants’ rights.

“Family detention” is a euphemism that hides a stark truth: locking up families is both cruel and ineffective. It is cruel because it traumatizes families, harms children, and undermines basic rights to fairness, due process, and equal protection. It is ineffective because it does not serve as a deterrent to immigration. Our laws and values provide the only moral and legal answer: migrant families must be afforded the right to seek asylum and that right must be defended and upheld.

Acacia Center for Justice will continue to fight for the fundamental rights of every family who arrives in the United States regardless of circumstances. Migrant families should be welcomed with dignity and be allowed to pursue their legal process while living in the community, where they will have maximum access to necessary and meaningful legal support and freedom.”

Shaina Aber, Executive Director, Acacia Center for Justice

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About Acacia Center for Justice

Acacia Center for Justice delivers and advocates for meaningful and effective access to justice and freedom for immigrants at risk of detention or deportation in partnership with an accountable, independent nationwide network of immigrant legal service providers and community partners. Acacia Center for Justice’s reach and impact are unparalleled. The national nonprofit currently operates seven federally funded programs and one state funded program through a network of nearly 60 legal service providers located in over 80 offices across the country.