As President Biden Prepares for Border Visit, Acacia Urges Return to Humane Border Solutions


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[WASHINGTON] – Shaina Aber, executive director of the Acacia Center for Justice, issued the following statement ahead of President Biden’s planned visit to the U.S.-Mexico border

“President Biden pledged to uphold the dignity of migrants and people seeking asylum. Yet, we have seen profound reticence on the part of the administration to energetically address the lasting impact of previous administrative choices that harmed our nation’s commitment to upholding the human rights and inherent dignity of people who are forced to migrate. Further, we are disturbed by the latest reported plans and rhetoric promoting an increasing array of harmful policies that undermine international law and US norms regarding the right of people fleeing for their lives to seek safety through accessing our complex asylum system.”

“With all eyes on the border – a region that has been systemically and intentionally defunded of welcoming infrastructure – we urge President Biden and all policy makers to eschew political grandstanding tactics that ultimately fail both to address the root causes of migration and to provide basic safety and due process rights to adults, children, and families.

“Instead, we urge the Biden administration to lead with courage to move forward bold and just solutions that address the urgent needs of migrants. It is imperative that the administration prioritize meaningful protections for people fleeing danger and facilitate the structural conditions and resources to make these protections accessible, including by increasing legal services.”

The Acacia Center for Justice recently joined more than 150 international, community, legal, human rights, and faith-based organizations in sending a letter detailing concrete steps the Biden administration should take to restore justice to our immigration system, including welcoming people seeking asylum and offering shelter, case management support, legal services, Indigenous language interpretation, and more.


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