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Refugees Are Never A Target


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[WASHINGTON] – In response to confirmation that Israel’s military hit Gaza’s largest refugee camp, killing dozens of Palestinian civilians and breaching international norms on the rights of refugees to seek safe haven, the Acacia Center for Justice issued the following statement:


“As an organization founded to support the legal needs of displaced people seeking safety, Acacia has the duty to speak out against this violation of international law that has reportedly resulted in the mass killing of refugees in Jabalya camp today,” said Shaina Aber, Executive Director of the Acacia Center for Justice. “The human tragedy of the moment is indescribable, but intentionally hitting a crowded refugee camp is an incredible violation of the jus cogens framework of international law that cannot go unnoticed. Refugees are never, should never be a target. I join the leaders of other organizations that work with refugees and displaced people across the United States and the world in calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a renewed commitment to uphold the right of refugees to seek and secure safe haven.”



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About Acacia Center for Justice

Acacia Center for Justice delivers and advocates for meaningful and effective access to justice and freedom for immigrants at risk of detention or deportation in partnership with an accountable, independent nationwide network of immigrant legal service providers and community partners. Acacia Center for Justice’s reach and impact are unparalleled. The national nonprofit currently operates seven federally funded programs and one state funded program through a network of nearly 60 legal service providers located in over 80 offices across the country.