Kelly White Portrait

Kelly White

Associate Director of Learning & Development

Kelly White is the Associate Director of Learning and Development (L&D), LARS Programs.  She brings with her a full view of the conditions of asylum seekers from working in refugee camps, resettlement, migrant camps, detention centers and immigration court for the past 15 years.  With partners she has pushed for localities to put public dollars towards representation for immigrants.  She works with the fervent and real hope that local cities and states that fund immigration defense programs will eventually give rise to Federal Legislation- including the Fairness to Freedom Act- creating a public defender like model in immigration court nationwide, removing a key barrier to legal relief in the U.S.  Most recently she has worked with detained persons and new advocates at CAIR Coalition, who taught and informed her practice and approach.  She incorporates holistic and movement lawyering into her advocacy, learning from the private bar, community groups.  She is excited to learn from her new colleagues at Acacia and how we can support advocates throughout the U.S.