Peju Onile-Ere Portrait

Peju Onile-Ere

Managing Director of ITS

Peju is a strategic digital innovation and impact expert and brings over 15 proven and successful years of combined experience in IT within the Financial Services, Publishing, eCommerce, Retail and the Well-Being industries.

Prior to working at Acacia, Peju worked with various organizations such as S&P Global, Rebecca Minkoff, Citigroup, Hachette Book Group and held strategic positions as a consultant in other organizations where she supported executives in building out their IT strategic and operational roadmaps with execution plans done successfully, which involved successful implementations of change management, digital transformation, value creation and growth.

Peju graduated with a double major with her BA from Baruch College in New York – Computer Information Systems and Graphics Communications with a minor in Business Communications. Peju received her masters degree from Glasgow Caledonian University (New York Campus) in Impact Focused Business and Investing in 2019. Peju is passionate about helping companies grow while contributing to the well-being of her employees.

Peju’s passion lies in coaching and training inner city kids with her church and various international organizations and initiatives, preparing them for success in all areas of life. She also taught meditation classes and vision board workshops for many years. She practices Pilates and is a faux whiskey connoisseur.