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“Unconscionable” Acacia Responds to Continued Violence in Gaza


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[WASHINGTON] In response to reports that the Israeli military launched an attack in the southern Gazan city of Rafah that killed more than 45 people, including children, the Acacia Center for Justice issued the following statement: 


The targeted bombing and destruction of the Tel Al-Sultan refugee camp is unconscionable. Displaced families, who evacuated exactly as Israel demanded they do, were bombed as they put their children to bed in makeshift tents. This massacre of displaced people and the human cost of Israel’s continued siege in this weekend’s bombing are yet more evidence that an immediate and permanent cease-fire cannot wait,” said Shaina Aber, executive director of the Acacia Center for Justice.  


“In the nearly seven months since the beginning of Israel’s escalated attacks and siege on the Palestinian people trapped in Gaza, the state of Israel has trampled on international norms and human rights law. Indeed, a prosecutor for the International Criminal Court has recently found that multiple actors are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity (including Israeli and Hamas leaders) and seems to suggest that Israeli leaders’ widespread and systematic attacks on Palestinians in Gaza constitute a possible genocide. The weaponization of food, the targeted bombing of refugee camps, the killing of aid workers and journalists, the slaughter of children in this most recent massacre: humanity is calling for an end to this tragedy. Our leaders must stand united in demanding a lasting peace and stop facilitating and excusing continued violence inflicted on the Palestinian people.” 




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