Legal Orientation Program (LOP)


The Legal Orientation Program for detained adult individuals is a safeguard for people detained by ICE while in removal proceedings, about 70% of whom receive no legal representation. The program educates people on their rights, including how to request release from custody and advocate for themselves in court, ensuring a modicum of due process in a high-stakes, complex, and often adversarial system.

In Our Network

18 providers operate in 35 ICE facilities.The LOP Information Line provides services nationally and expanded the program’s reach to 70 ICE facilities.

Program Map of LOP Site FY2024
  • Group orientations are presentations that offer a general overview of immigration law, legal rights, facility processes, and the immigration removal process to adults detained by ICE.
  • Individual orientations are one-on-one meetings where participants can seek legal advice and ask more detailed questions about specific defenses and forms of relief from removal, as well as about the court process.

  • Self-help workshops are small workshops for participants who will be representing themselves to ask legal advice, prepare applications, and practice with others pursuing similar defenses or relief.

  • Recognizing that legal representation is preferable for anyone in removal proceedings, referrals to pro bono attorneys are made where possible.


Adults in immigration detention who are, or may be, placed in Immigration Court and/or removal proceedings and are held in DHS custody as their case winds through the court process.

Image representing a female immigrant with a concerned expression speaking with lawyer.
Our Partners Say

“A staff attorney was able to help an eighteen-year-old from Iran who was separated from his dad and younger brother at the border because he was eighteen. The staff attorney was able to help him get abond and get released. The bond was $10,000 which the family was able to raise so the individual was reunited with his dad and brother.”

Legal Service Provider, Austin, TX